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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Your Face or Your Ass

I hate to break it to all of you that have recently lost a lot of weight or for those of you that are grossly skinny but you probably look older than you think. A famous quote often attributed to Catherine Deneuve says, "When you get older, you have to be ready to trade your ass for your face." This isn't the case for everyone but have you checked out the people on Biggest Loser. At the finally they look awesome and their make-up covers a lot but a lot of the time they look about 3-5 years older. Why is this?

I recently read that in twin studies they have found that the sister with more weight was judged to have looked more youthful. A gaunt, thing face can definitely add some years, so carrying an extra FEW pounds can help create a more youthful appearance. It also helps to fill out those wrinkles that scream aging. It's the reduction of volume in your face that create jowls and wrinkles. Losing just 10 pounds could age your appearance by four years. I mean so women pay thousands of dollars to have fat injected under their wrinkles to make them look younger so this totally makes since.

This has totally happened to me! Its like my face was stretched while I was over-weight, now that I have lost the weight the extra skin is creating wrinkles. Oh no! You know what though?? I am choosing my ass...I will just try to take better care of my face. Speaking of taking care of my face I have started a new regimin. In the past I have always had pretty good skin. I didn't get break outs or dry patches and I never really had many blemishes or wrinkles. While I was in Chicago though, I was really dry. My forehead was peeling. After visiting Macy's and the MAC make-up counter I decided to go by the Clinique counter to see if they could give me some tips on my skin.

The lady at the counter was a great sales lady and very convincing. She convinced me that I had just spent money on a new outfit and make up but I was neglecting my skin. She told me that I was prematurely aging myself. When she asked what my skin regime was, I was almost embarrassed to say that it was taking my make-up off with a baby wipe and putting some vaseline intensive care lotion on my face (very rarely). Surprisingly a new face with new skin only cost $ I bought it! I must admit that I have been very strict about doing the steps and taking care of my skin and I can tell a big difference. It used to be splotchy and dry and it is starting to feel really good. The good news for all of you that were teased for your acne as a kid, you will get the last laugh because your oily skin will make you wrinkle less and look younger.

A friend of mine posted on facebook asking if I wore make-up to run the race. The answer was yes. I used to say that "when all you had was your face, you made sure it looks good". That is just who I am...but it will be nice when all my hard work really pays off with this body of mine too.

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  1. Oh yes, I've definitely considered the older looking face thing (for myself). Lord knows there is a lot of fat there right now. I do my little 3-step Clinique thing most nights and have some various Kiehl's and Philosophy products to help out, too. It's a good reminder for people (including myself) to take care of their skin - good job! :)