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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Really Bad News for the Big Chested

We all know that the human head weighs about 10 pounds. I know I can't cut my head off to lose weight though. However, I had a friend that told me the funniest story once...she told me that she used to have her husband hold her breasts while she weighed because she didn't think that it was fair to weigh them; she told me that it decreased her weight by almost 10 pounds. Then the other day I had another friend that was talking about her 10 Lb rack. This really got me thinking. Are they really 5 pounds a piece? For those of you that know me, you know that I am not small in the chest area. These days I am about a 38D. Well, yesterday I decided to weigh it out. Out came my digital food scale (covered in saran wrap) and a little experiment. There I was standing in the kitchen, food scale on the counter and I just plopped one of my girls on the scale. Thankfully Travis didn't walk in and catch me cause he would of thought I was crazy. It's okay that he may be reading about it now but it would of been awkward to explain in the moment.

I hate to burst your bubble but these babies only weigh about 1.5 pounds a piece. I wish that they weighed more even though I don't want them to be bigger. Actually you all know that I want them smaller (see this previous post) and plan to reward myself for losing the weight with a new pair. Yet I am still trying to figure out a way to pay for them; they are way more expensive than I had thought. Any fundraising ideas? I thought about selling my story to a magazine when I get to my goal weight but I have been researching and while I could be featured, they don't pay you for your story. I think that kind of sucks, I mean losing 110 pounds should be worth something, don't you think? Ha ha :) Anyways, I'll listen to any suggestions.

So for those of you that are a little top heavy and you'd like to blame your weight on your breasts I hate to break it to you but they don't weigh what you think. I actually researched it a little more and I found that "The average breast weighs about 0.5 kg (~1 lb). Each breast contributes to about 4-5% of the body fat and thus 1% of the total body weight of an average woman."
This equation was almost perfect for me. Anyway..I know it's a little weird but just in case you were wondering or making excuses, I just thought that I would clarify. So, thats it, that is my bad news. If you thought your rack was 10Lbs, it's not (it's probably closer to 3). If you really think about it, it totally makes sense. Think about a 6-8oz chicken breast; that is pretty big...I mean I can't imagine a human one being 10x that size.

See why I can't share all my posts on facebook. I mean...I am friends with my pastor and my grandpa on facebook. I guess I either have to edit my friends or edit my posts. Haha.


  1. hahaha! Oh that's funny--I totally would have done the same thing too if I had thought of it! lol

  2. Hahaha!!! You crack me up!