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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Grill

One thing I love about the nice weather is that it means it is "grilling season". We actually can use our grill almost year around because we have a screened in porch that protects us and it from the elements, but we definitely use it most March-December. Growing up in California and Idaho this is referred to as a barbecue but in TN bbq means pulled pork so we had to get accustomed to the word "grill". Using your grill is so easy and makes eating healthy a no brainer. We probably use it at least 3-4 times per week for our dinners. We usually grill meat but we also grill lots of vegetables too. I just think it makes dinner so easy. I marinate some meat and give it to my husband and then I just worry about making a vegetable. Right now we have been eating lots of asparagus, artichokes and zucchini and we haven't even been eating a starch at dinner. Sometimes I do make rice or potato or pasta but I love these foods and I find myself being full without them.

We grill chicken probably the most. I buy large packs of boneless, skinless breasts and then separate them into freezer bags with 2 large breasts each. I usually only eat a half. We also grill pork tenderloin, chops, country style ribs pretty frequently. On occasion we do beef and turkey burgers and even the occasional turkey dog. I also love to do a cedar salmon on the grill. I'll have to post a recipe on how to do that soon. We don't eat a lot of steak or red meat mostly because it is not as healthy and it is more expensive. Also it is not our specialty. I save eating my steak for when we visit my grandparents (my grandpa makes an amazing steak on the grill) or for having a special treat when we eat out.

I usually prep the meat ahead of time by putting on a spice rub or marinade or just putting a little bbq sauce in the bag and letting it sit. We love sweet baby Ray's sauce. When making chicken I also hit the chicken so that it flattens out a little. This helps it to cook quicker. It is super easy, super healthy since all the fat is dripping off and we use lean cuts of meat and it's a lot of fun. So dust off your grill and enjoy some kabobs, grilled corn on the cob or something.

Check out this article for some grilling tips and tricks as well as some items to substitute in order to make your next family cookout a little more healthy.

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  1. I LOOOOOOVE grilling. LOVE IT! Such a great way to get good meals and healthier too! :)