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Monday, April 25, 2011

To Facebook or not to Facebook

I admit it! I love Facebook! It is super easy to stay connected with people and with my i-phone it is even easier to just check my Facebook as often as wanted. As you all probably know Facebook has a feature where you can share your blog with all your Facebook friends. I have not done this in the past because I wasn't ready to share my weight with all of those people or my journey. However, several of them now know about my blog and it would be nice to have more followers. The comments really do keep me motivated.

If I do it, there are a few people that I might have to delete from facebook. I just don't know what to do? I think I am scared to fail. It's one thing for 25 people to know, its another to tell 250 and all their friends, friends, etc. I finally did break down and tell most of my family. I can't lie though...that was hard since several of my relatives look like playboy models. (You know who you are if you are reading this).

I also don't understand why there are several people that read it regularly but aren't an official follower. Not to be negative but it makes it hard for a blogger sometimes. You don't know who is reading, if it's helping anyone, or if it's worth the time if you don't even know who your followers are or if people don't leave comments. FYI...this is not to fish for comments but do you see why it can be frustrating. Someone once told me that leaving a comment on a blog is like giving a blog hug. I love that analogy. I admit that I don't follow many blogs but the ones that I do, I try to let the author be aware that I am reading. Thank you to the few that do comment or send personal truly is the wind that fans my flame.

What to do? about Facebook that is............


  1. I completely understand! I just recently started posting my blog occasionally on FB. There are sensitive things on my blog, too - especially to certain audiences. I say if you're comfortable with it - do it. You have a great blog and you've done an amazing job! You never know who you might encourage next. ;) I, too, wish more people would "follow" and comment more. I have lots of hits, but don't know where all they're coming from.

  2. I read more blogs through their FB posts than any other way. I used to be better at following blogs, checking Google reader, etc..., but I'm already on FB all the time for work and home so it's very convenient that way. :)

  3. I was actually on your facebook page 2 seconds before i read your blog thinking that you should put your blog on facebook! You have come so far and you look like one sexy momma i always look forward to a new update because i love reading your blog and i am sure others agree! I think you should go for it!

  4. I say go for it! I know what you mean though--but I think you should be PROUD! As for following or commenting, I often pull up your blog to comment, and get pulled away for something--and before I get back one of the kids have closed it! :) But it IS so nice to know someone is reading and that what you have to say matters. I have often thought about just deleting my points plus planning blog because it seems like a total waste now--like I am talking to myself! :) I hate that feeling. But I hope you do know, people read and are affected by what you say. We are all cheering you on in this journey, even if they may not technically follow your blog. (some read through google reader, and it won't show up that way)