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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easy Exercises Anywhere: Part I

I have been attending a boot camp class that my trainer does thru parks & rec and we meet at the park and do our exercises outside. It got me thinking that these moves you could do anywhere using your deck, kitchen table or other household equipment. These are just a few of the moves that my trainer has shown me, I will be posting this as a 3 part series; so more to come. You can do these at home but I do suggest getting yourself a trainer or workout buddy because it will help to keep you motivated and accountable to doing the exercises. If you need a trainer, you should try mine (if you're local) just click on the link for her information. Tammye that is going to cost you :)

Exercise 1: Wall squats with pike
(Put your feet up against the wall and squat down trying to get your butt to your heels)

Exercise 2: Sissy squats
(make sure your knees are 90 degrees and that you keep your back straight as if you were up against a wall)

Exercise 3: Push ups with leg extension
(Do a push up, alternating leg lift)

Exercise 4: Side Bends
(lower hips down, then straighten)

Exercise 5: Planks with alternating leg bend
(start in plank position and then alternate leg bends on each side, going back to middle plank in between)

Hope this gives you a few ideas. Try these at home and let me know what you think. Some of them are harder than they look. What can I say? I am starting to make them look easy! haha.

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