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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Post Vacation Rebound

As soon as we got home from vacation I got very motivated to get serious. I started logging all my food on the weight watchers website; staying within my points value, drinking lots of water and continuing my workouts. I am feeling very confident and I know that I have not cheated at all. A weigh in will be coming very soon. Today when I got on the scale I saw some good progress and it really motivated me. I shows me that if you follow the plan, it really does work. Last night the baby didn't sleep well. She literally was up from 3-6AM. Then both kids were up for the morning by 7. I was exhausted, it was raining really hard and I could of easily ditched my workout. However, seeing the progress just helped seal the deal that I needed to go. I want results! I want good results! I need to be losing 2-3 pounds per week. A half a pound is pathetic. I had been hovering way too long.

Tonight's workout was 90 minutes and it was brutal. There was one point in the middle that there was a circuit of six different exercises. We did each exercise fast for 30 seconds, took 15 seconds to get to the next station and then repeated all 6 exercises three times. It was so hard. At one point I thought I might ralph but I just closed my eyes, got in the zone and endured the pain. Some of the exercises included sumo squats with jumps, jumping rope, sit-ups, running at 8.0 on the treadmill, assisted pull ups, and the elliptical at 250 rpm. This was only the cardio circuit; before all of this we did 8-10 weight bearing exercise and then after we did a bunch more stuff.

There is one exercise that I am going to have to work on. This is almost embarrassing to admit. When my trainer showed me the exercise I literally thought it was going to be the easiest of the night. To my surprise I couldn't get my fat butt off the ground. The move is called a roll up. You lay down on your back and roll back and then bring yourself into a standing position (don't cross your legs). Seriously? Looked so easy and this was really hard for me. Part of it was I felt stupid trying so I will be doing this at home so that one day I can make it look easy too. (Video to come).

I am feeling good about my progress and happy with my rebound. It is a rebound in the right direction! This summer is going to be huge for me. This is make it or break it time. 12 weeks till Labor Day, I will be 20 pounds thinner by then!

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