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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation to Orlando

We had a great time in Orlando. It was fun seeing Trav's parents and my friend Amanda. It was a fun filled, packed rest for the weary. It was hot, hot, hot but we all had a ball. Just wish we had a few more days as it went so, so fast. Here was the itinerary:

June 3rd: Arrived at 2PM, got our rental car, found our hotel and then went swimming with kids and adventured down our 80 ft hotel water slide at least 100 times. Hudson was so brave! You were supposed to be 48 inches to go down, he is 38...but he wanted to so bad and no one said anything. He even went down it backwards a couple times with grandpa Clair.

June 4th: Disney World Magic Kingdom, got there at 8AM stayed till 2:15 went back to hotel for a rest, returned to Disney at 5:15PM and stayed till 11:30. This day was packed! We went thru our two day itinerary in almost one day. We did several rides (Dumbo, Peter Pan, Small World, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Carribean, Alladin Magic Carpet, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Jungle Cruise, Astro Orbiters, Buzz Lightyear and more), we met characters (Pinocchio, Cinderellas evil step mother, donald duck, and goofy just to name a few), saw the afternoon parade, the electrial parade, the new magic and memories light show and the fireworks. I think we walked 5 miles this day and sweat 5 gallons. It was so hot!

June 5th: Return to Magic Kingdom. This time we slept in and didnt get there until 10:15. Went to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the princesses. Cinderella had a little crush on Hudson and he had a little crush on Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Rode a few of our favorite rides and a few that we had missed the first day. Bought some souveniers and got done around 5. It was a much easier day and we were about Disney'd out. Came back to the hotel for more swimming and more water sliding! Enjoyed a bucket of crab at Joe's Crab Shack.

June 6th: Went to eat lunch at this crazy Dinosaur restaurant in Downtown Disney and visited the Lego store. The sculptures were amazing! Me and the girls hit Macy's and I bought a new outfit. Felt great to slide on a pair of 12 capris and a large shirt. I could of bought 10 things but my wallet only allowed for me to buy one outfit but it was fun trying stuff on! Back to the pool for more swimming and sliding and then enjoyed some yummy mexican food at Chevys.

June 7th: Got to Universal Studio's Island Adventure Park bright and early right when it opened. Visited Dr. Suess land and the kids loved it. We got to meet the characters and ride some rides. Off to Harry Potter World. It was amazing, the castle, the stores, rides, etc. Hudson got to ride his first roller coaster called the Flight of Hippogriff. He screamed but loved it and asked to go again. Then off to Jurrasic Park where we saw dinosaurs and go to ride on a ride where we were flying dinosaurs, Hudson loved this one too. We visited toon town for lunch and let the kids play at the play ground while Trav and I got drenched on a water ride. Comic Place was next where we met spiderman, wolverine, cyclopse and rode the Hulk coaster. Hudson loved the storm ride that was like the tea cups. We rode a few more coasters and the kids were out. We wore them out! They loved it though. Another day of walking about 5 miles and sweating 5 gallons.

June 8th: Came home...we needed one more day but it was a good trip.

I definitely didn't eat on plan. We were on vacation but I did try to make better choices with out totally over indulging. We walked a lot and I did do the stairs several times up to the 6th floor. Lots of treading water in the pool, so I do feel like I got some exercise. A little scared to jump on the scale tomorrow but I feel good about the way I am looking and my clothes are still fitting so I am not going to let myself get too down. On the way home I read about the 20 best diets. The number #1 is Weight Watchers. It is what worked for me the best this past year and I am still a member, so I am going back to counting my points every day. We are talking about a possible trip to Idaho for Labor Day and I want to be 20 pounds thinner by the time we get there. That is about 12.5 weeks from now so I have given myself a small cushion but trying to lose about 2 pounds a week. I know I can do it. I am excited that it is now summer and we have lots of fresh veggies and fruit and it just seems easier to exercise in the summer too as you are outside more often and can do more physical activity.

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