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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hard Week

All week I have kind of been down in the dumps ever since taking those pictures. All my friends think I'm crazy and swear there is a big difference but it is still hard for me to see. Gaining those 2 pounds has been hard and I still haven't lost them. I think I am just disappointed because I am going to Florida next week and I am going to see a good friend and my in-laws. I was kind of hoping that their reaction would be "oh my freakin gosh!" and I know that it won't be. I really don't look that different compared to when my in-laws saw me at Thanksgiving. This week I am just working on losing the 2 pounds. Don't get me wrong...I am proud of my accomplishments but I am ready to see the 160s and to never look back. I really just want to be in a normal weight. I have to weigh 145 to just have a BMI that is considered "not overweight". That is a long ways from where I am at.

I am trying not to get discouraged. I just printed off some food log sheets and I am going to be very strict about filling them out. I am going to post them as a picture on the blog every day until I leave for Florida. I am also trying to already come up with a game plan for FL. My friend Amanda is coming and she is staying in a condo with a kitchen. I have offered to pay for the groceries if she will do the labor of making our lunches everyday. I know we will do lots of walking on this trip so the biggest thing to not gaining will be what I eat. I'm sure I will get plenty of exercise each day. is to my last week before vacation. Now lets get off those 2 pounds!

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