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Monday, August 8, 2011

Size 8

I am contemplating going to my cousin Brooke's wedding in Oct. It will be in Boise. While we will just be getting back from East Idaho in September to celebrate Travis's parents 50th anniversary; it might be a little hard to make it. I would like to though because it has been a long time since I have been to Boise and I have lots of friends and family there. The hardest part would be how to take my kids with me. 2 kids on a plane with one adult sounds pretty scary.

My mom lives in Boise though and it has been about a year since she has seen them. I also have tons of friends that have never seen my kids. I haven't visited since I had Hudson. We have made several trips to Idaho Falls but not to Boise. So..I feel like I need to take them and also for the reason that they could see all their DeLuca cousins. To add to it, my cousin Brooke has asked me to sing at her wedding and my cousin Kelsey is having her baby shower (for her twins) a couple days before the wedding.

(Here is Brooke and I; July 2010...I have lost a lot since then but still have a ways to go)

We all know that I have not made my goal of being 150 in time for our Labor Day trip. Could I do it in time for the wedding? I have a little extra motivation. Have you seen my family? They all look like a bunch of super models. All of my cousin's wives are beautiful, Brooke and Kelsey are beautiful, even their moms are beautiful. It is hard being the only chubby one! Maybe I can do it. It would be hard. Maybe I don't deserve to go unless I weight that much?

My friend Liz came and visited a year ago and gave me a pair of size 8 capris. I am dying to fit into them. I am going to hang them up and look at them every day! Is it possible. My hips and butt are the biggest problem. That is where I will have to lose if I am going to fit into them.

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