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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A great trip

We had a really great trip to Idaho. We celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, we got family pictures taken, floated the dry bed, explored grand teton national park, went swimming/watersliding at the Jackson Hole Rec Center, Hiked in Yellowstone, etc...

I did do some exercise. Here is the real exercise that I did..and it's not much.
1) 3 mile bike ride
2) 1 hour zumba
3) Short strenous hike (328 stairs)
4) Swam 150 meters fast

Other than that it was just lots of walking, bowling, party set-up and daily activities. I had planned to do more but the time just got away from us.

I definitely did not drink enough water on this trip. Mostly because I love ice cold water and I had no access to ice for 90% of trip. We ate out a few too many times. Rigby, Idaho is famous for a little pizza pocket called the "Bambino", needless to say we had them a couple times. There were lots of yummy baked goods too.

I SCREWED UP! I didn't mean to but I have came home heavy. Back on the bandwagon I must go! I saw this picture and it made me gag. My cousin in law recently blogged about a new term "Bleg". It is when you but runs into your leg and has no definition. Think cankle but for your butt/thigh area. I have some serious bleg going on! Must get control.

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