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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dieting & Budgeting

There are lots of gimmick diets out there. Quit eating this and start eating that. Abstain for this, eat so much of that. They are not a lifestyle that you can maintain. While visiting Idaho I was having a conversation about diets and had to defend weight watchers though. I don't think it is a gimmick and this is why.

Do you balance your check book? Do you check your accounts regularly? Do you think that this is a gimmick to maintain a lifestyle of fiscal responsibility? Do you have a budget or plan for big expenses? Most people do. So what is my point?

Well, weight watchers is a lot like budgeting. It allows you to eat anything you want but to keep in check. It encourages you to write down what you eat just like most keep track of what they spend. It gives you a budget of what to eat allowing you to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables more regularly while it discourages your from eating foods full of sugar and fats. It lets you budget more foods if they have more fiber because fiber is kind of like a coupon. It encourages you to create this way of eating as a lifestyle and it can be a lifestyle.

Nothing on weight watchers is extreme and it has been proven year after year that out of all the weight loss programs it is most effective in the long term. I agree that it has to be a lifestyle change but most of us can not make huge changes in our life with out a guide. Putting your money in envelopes for different items is kind of like putting your weight watcher points in check. The flex points and activity points are also like financial budgeting. The flex points allows you to spend food more for the special occasion. It is the rainy day fund so that you are prepared. Activity points are like a savings account. It is a way for you to make points and save them for later.

I agree that a lifestyle change is essential but just like having a plan or a budget to live with in your means I think that weight watchers is the best plan out there to help you budget your foods and teach you to live with in your food needs.

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