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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Makeup at the gym??

OK, so some of you may think that I am absolutely crazy because I almost always wear make up to the gym. Yep, it gets all sweaty and gross and as soon as I come I usually shower, scrub my face and do it all over again. That is nuts right?

Well my make up gives me more confidence. I feel like I am pretty good at applying it, I like to wear it and I've never had major problems with how my face looks. I know I am not a super model but I don't look in the mirror and hate my face. I do hate my body. If I don't wear make up at the gym then I feel not like myself and I feel like now I have just put an ugly body on an ugly face. Now not everyone that doesn't wear make up looks bad. People actually tell me all the time that I look fine with out it but I feel ugly. Maybe if I had a killer body I wouldn't care as much. I don't know.

One other thing is what to wear to the gym. I am talking about this because last week I went to zumba and wore a big baggy t-shirt and no make-up. Today I wore a cute black fitted shirt and my make-up. I felt 1000 times better looking at myself in the mirror while I was shaking it. I know that I actually felt more confident and that I did a better job working out too. I know I burned more calories.

Not everyone will agree with this post but just thought I would share some of my random thoughts. Look how you feel. If you feel good, try to look good....cause if you look bad, it sometimes can make you feel bad. :)

Anyway, I had a great workout this morning and then went to the grocery store with Travis to get some good protein sources. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 64 degrees so I am going to try and do a run-walk on the greenbelt.

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  1. I don't "do" my hair or wear makeup to the gym and this is why- if I wore makeup, etc. I would be more worried about messing up my hair and makeup and less focused on killing it. "Clean" sweat, if there is such a thing?, feels better on my face. However, with that being said, I think everyone should do/wear what is takes to get in a good effort, with the exception of the coochie cutters with writing on the butt. Come on, that's just for attention- not confidence.