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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gym and more Gym

So I can proudly say that since joining the gym 20 days ago, there has only been 4 days that I haven't went. My exercise is on! I still struggle with my diet. I know what to do but its is so hard. I lost a pound last week. Really hoping for two this week.

I am still spinning and going to aerobics classes. Today I worked out with my friend Rebecca. We did a hard core weight lifting workout of dead lifts, hang clean, hang clean and press and squats. It was brutal but good. I know I'll be a little sore tomorrow. Thankfully there was 30 minutes left to zumba so I quickly went and tried to losen up my tight muscles.

Hudson is taking Karate at the gym and loving it! I am glad to be teaching him the habits of working out. He is also taking yoga, zumba and a running class.

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  1. I love that you are teaching the kids about fitness! Awesome about the workouts- don't you think its addictive? Okay, about the diet... you know I am partial to the WW system, but whatever you do, points or calories, you HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN! Are you writing it down? I didn't think so. This week I challenge to you write everything down. EVERYTHING. With either the points values or the calories. AND... you need to log your activity. HELLO! That body of yours is a burning machine and you need to know how much extra each day to allow yourself as needed. Okay, I love you and I can't wait to do a Weekend Warrior or Zumba class with you.