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Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 2

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week.  I worked on a project with the computer at my friends office and the mac book got left in the car and every time I thought about blogging, I was too lazy to go get it and charge the battery.  Week 2 has been a little harder than week 1.  It is always harder to stick to a strict diet and I have been very very busy which sometimes leads to eating on the run.  Eating on the run is never good.

I still worked out several times and will go to the gym today and tomorrow too.  My diet has still been way better than what it was but definitely not perfect.  That is what I have to work on the most.  It always has been.  I have been pretty good about drinking more water and I feel better.  I worked out with the Tamminator this week.  It had been a while.  She got me so sore!  I always enjoy a good workout with her and my friends.  I have missed them tons!

May should be another record breaking month for CPR!  I am pretty excited.  I can't wait to buy some more equipment and expand to the next level.  This weekend the kids and I are headed to Nashville and I am leaving Travis at home to finish the new upgrades to my website.  We will miss him but he will need the solitude to finish the project.

I promise to blog more soon!

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