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Friday, April 27, 2012

Out of the mouths of Babes

So for the past year Hudson has referred to my fat as "being bouncy".  He asked me once why I was so bouncy?  I laughed and told him because I eat too many cookies.  I told him that I was working on it though and that I was trying to get healthy and be less bouncy!  Lol.

The other night Hudson comes up to me and says , "So, mommy are you not going to be bouncy anymore?"  He has obviously seen how much we have been going to the gym and we have been emphasizing to him that exercise is important and makes you healthy.  I responded with, "mommy is hoping she won't be bouncy anymore", he looks at me and says "I guess I will still love you, but I love you bouncy!"  I laughed and asked him why.  He says,  "because bouncy is more comfortable!".  I guess kids love those pillows and the soft bouncy body when getting snuggles.

Too bad for him, cause this bounce is going away soon!  It is nice to know that he loves me unconditionally though and that to him it doesn't matter how I look.  The other night he told me I was the prettiest girl in the whole world.  It made my night!  However the next morning, he looked at me and said, "Mom you're not pretty enough"..I said, "I thought I was the prettiest girl in the whole world?"  His response, "well, you are but what is up with that hair?  and you need some make up!"  LMAO!

Gotta love the kids and all the things that come out of the mouths of Babes!


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  2. No doubt your kids are crazy about you- they will love you no matter what! Hudson is too funny!