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Friday, May 21, 2010

What is keeping me going

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So here are some pictures of what has been keeping me going. Being organized and having handy snacks, a food scale (I weigh everything, this one was not very expensive, it is digital and the same one they use on Biggest Loser..I love it!), and a big container of water to keep me hydrated.

I am really enjoying these special K crackers. To be honest they aren't my favorite cracker and they are a little bland in flavor but you get 25 of them for 2 points. I am loving them with some garlic hummus. Really you don't need that great of a cracker if you are having hummus because it is so flavorful.

I bought some granola and some granola flakes and have been adding them to yogurt. It makes it a lot more filling and it tastes great.

Having handy baggies that are already precounted of carrots and almonds is nice so you can always just grab something quick. I also measure out my granola and count out my crackers and put them in snack bags as well. Then I am not tempted to eat more crackers and we all know that if you have an open box of crackers on your lap that more than likely you aren't only eating one serving.

Dark Chocolate Bliss bars. A serving is 6 pieces for 4 points. I only have two pieces. They melt in your mouth and give you that yummy goodness when you are on the edge.

I previously posted about the deli thin bread that I am enjoying but now I am also in love with Bagel thins. I love a bagel with a little whipped cream cheese or to enjoy a bagel sandwich. 110 calories!

Well, those are some of my new tips but mostly just watching portions. For me have it already portioned out and easily available is keeping me from cheating!

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  1. If any of you have any good snack ideas or recipes..please leave them as a comment. You don't have to be an official follower in order to post. I would love the feedback, especially from those of you that are on this journey with me! I am sure you guys have your own tips and tricks.