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Friday, May 21, 2010

Women, Food and God

So my friend sent me a text saying that she was reading this book "Women, Food and God" and that I should check it out. I had never heard of the book but thought the next time I went to the book store (Now that we live in the country and have our two kids we usually only make it to B&N about once every 6 weeks, we used to go all the time, maybe it's time for a date night there) I would look for it. Later that day I went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and low and behold there was an entire rack of these books.

I threw it in the cart, not really knowing anything about it. So far, I have only read the prologue and first two chapters but the gist of it is that we all eat for a reason and usually it is not hunger. It is usually something mental, something emotional, a way to deal with issues. After I am done reading it, I will be giving it a formal book review. Not sure if I will agree with all of it but an interesting perspective if nothing else. Does make you think. Even yesterday I stopped to think..why am I eating this??


  1. It's like some of the BL contestants who gained all of their weight back- they probably never figured out WHY they were eating too much. Have you seen Erik from Season 1!?- He's huge again!

  2. Several of them are huge again. That is one of my biggest fears! So many people have lost weight more than once sometimes 100s of pounds several times. I will not go down that road...I might have to blog until Jesus comes. haha.