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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well, today was my first time every trying Zumba. For those of you that have never heard of it, it is a pretty high intensity aerobic dance workout to latin music. It focuses on salsa, mambo, etc. It was really fun and I liked it a lot. It was actually a pretty hard workout too. I felt like it was good though because my heart rate never got so high that I felt like I would die but by the end of the class I was having a hard time keeping up as my endurance was fading.

When I first got to the class they asked if there were any first timers. I raised my hand, the heaviest in the room, and the instructor said "there is a beginners class, while zumba is designed for all levels of fitness, it may be a little tricky but try your best". I wanted to say, "Hey Lady, I took dance for almost 15 years and I can probably shake it better than you". Yeah, not to be boastful but there wasn't anyone in the room that could Zumba any better other than the instructor. I was in a morning class so majority of the people there were older than me, well all of them were older than me and only about 3 people in the room had a lot of rhythm. This made it a little bit hard because unless you had a good view of the instructor, you could not trust that the others in the class were doing it right.

I had a lot of fun and will definitely be going back next week. After the class, the instructor came up to me and said that she was impressed how well I held my own. That made me happy. The class is challenging and I was by no means perfect at the moves. I do like that it seems like there are several dances that are repeated in other classes. I think if I keep going, I could be come a master at Zumba! haha. I'll keep you posted. The dance moves were fairly simple but fast paced and you do have to learn how to move your hips latin style.

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