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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog Award

So it is time for this month's Blog award! I am going to give it out at the first of every month to the person that I feel supported me the most that month. This month it goes to my niece Candace.

She has been so supportive! She calls me almost daily (which by the way, has to stop because my phone bill looked more like a car payment this month..haha), she posts comments on the blog and reads it regularly. She is encouraging, she believes in me and most of all, I know how much she loves me no matter how I look. She is a great neice and I wish that we lived closer. Thanks for everything and miss you!


  1. Thanks, Cheryl! I love and miss you too! I just resisted the urge to call you and sent you an email instead. It wasn't nearly as fun :(

  2. love your hair in this pic with candace. looks really good on you. keep up the good work! Jordan

  3. Candace is an absolute SWEETHEART!! What a blessing it is to know her and to have her in the family!!

    That is awesome that both of you are so close and that you talk almost daily.

    It sounds like Candace needs to get an iPhone so that you can have unlimited minutes so you can keep up your daily phone calls!!

    YAY that you get to have Joel, Shelley, Ashley, Clair and Josie come spend a week with you tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get out there before the year is over. Juggling our schedules with work, kids and church obligations, had definitely been a juggling act.

    Anywho, LOVE YOU CHERYL!!