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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 7

“Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.”

So, I'm not happy about my half pound weight gain this week but I know that I didn't cheat on my diet and I still exercised 5x this week. I can't beat myself up too bad. Even people on the Biggest Loser have no loss in certain weeks. I will not get discouraged! I will not give up. In the words of one of the BL contestants, Sam, "I will not let the number on the scale define me". I know how I hard I worked. So another week begins today. I am actually really proud of myself, 7 weeks! and the best part about it is I'm not even considering to quit. I know this week will be difficult with family visiting but I am determined to have a weight loss. Now that my legs are on there way to recovery, I am going to start the C25K (Couch Potato to 5K) program this week. It is interval training (walk-run) and is supposed to maximize weight loss.

Last night I was up at 3:30AM feeding the baby and quickly checked my email. I had a notice that my friend who I began this journey with had updated her blog. I read her update. She is having problems with tendonitis in her achilles and has been experiencing lots of pain while exercising. Since she is unable to burn as many calories working out she is going to try to go on a stricter diet plan. I am losing my "weight watchers" buddy, however I am not losing a weight loss buddy. She has decided to reduce her carbs and quit weight watchers in order to accomodate her goals. I wish her lots of luck and plan to continue doing weekly weigh-ins with her.

I go back to work on July 5th. I will be working 3 days a week. That is only 6 weeks away! I have 14.2 pounds to lose in order to meet my goal of being 199 by the time I return to work. That means I need to lose about 2.5 pounds per week which means I can not slack in any area, I need to watch my diet to a tee, drink my water and work out regularly. I know that I can do it! I better go make my breakfast and hit the treadmill.

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