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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Rainbow

So today there was a rain storm during my CPR class and when I got done there was a beautiful rainbow. I wish I would of taken a picture. It was vibrantly colored and a full 180 degree arch. Spectacular. It gave me hope that I can take this one day at a time.

Tonight, Travis emailed me an article titled "Women are most attractive at age 31". I know it sounds silly but I was really excited to read it. For those of you that know me, you know that my 30th birthday was hard for me. Seems crazy but I had felt like even though I have accomplished some great things: a good marriage, home, career, kids, school, etc I felt like I let my twenties go. My entire twenties I was obese. Aren't you supposed to be your absolute most beautiful in your 20's and I let them just slide by and didn't feel beautiful at all. I didn't even take advantage of them. However...there is hope; a rainbow after the storm. According to this article I won't be most beautiful until I am 31! That means I have until November 29th to really get looking good. haha. :) Here is a link to the article.

There is beauty at all ages but I just want to feel beautiful again. I want to be more than the girl with the pretty face. When I was in high school, I taught aerobics and there was a lady that worked at the gym with me, her name was Corrie. She was really cute, had a pretty face but was about 230-250 pounds. I used to always come home and ask my grandma, "Why doesn't Corrie try to lose weight, I mean she works at a gym and she has such a pretty face; she should come to one of my aerobics classes. She would be so much prettier if she would just lose some weight. She has potential". How those comments have came back to haunt me. I am the president for a local society, The East TN Health Care Executives, at one of our meetings about a year ago a female CEO from another hospital came up to me and said "You have such a pretty face". I wanted to vomit as my own words came back to bight me in the ASS. (As they usually do). I know that I am capable of this. I was always told that if you put your mind to it that you can achieve anything. Well, I AM PUTTING MY MIND TO lets see great things this week!


  1. This post just breaks my heart Cheryl! You have hid your heartache well, because I have always been AMAZED at your confidence and zest for life and that you dared wear tank tops and form fitting shirts and jeans and you were always wearing cute necklaces, did your make-up so awesome, had a cute stylish haircut, nails and toenails always freshly done and fun jewelery to wear. I always thought "WOW, I need to be more like Cheryl and celebrate what I have at the moment". You always exuded self confidence to me!!

    I have a little something going on around my middle right now and all of my jeans just accentuate it and the majority of my shirts are form fitting and I don't want people to notice this "roll" and so I throw on a jacket or vest, or wear a more baggy shirt so people won't notice it. You don't know how many times I have said to myself...I need to have the confidence of Cheryl...she is amazing!

    Anywho, there really is beauty at every age and Tracy has a great friend that really put it best..."Nothing you do in the next 24 hours will change how you look right now, so you just need to celebrate what you have right now TODAY and do your best to work hard every day that you can and it may takes months or a year, but you will eventually see results"!

    Good Luck Cheryl and I really do have to say..."You do have a pretty face and a gorgeous smile"!!

    You are lucky to have a thin angular face...what I would give to have that kind of face shape. I just have a round face and any extra weight I put on just makes me look big and jowly!

    Keep smiling and keep thinking on the positive things you have going in your get the privilege to be a mom to two beautiful kids and you have a husband that loves and adores YOU and has always been SO proud of you...not matter what!

    You are blessed beyond measure! Have a great week!

  2. Dont get me wrong..I dont want to be Debbie Downer. There is a lot in my life that I am so happy about and so proud of and I have been told by many that they wish they could be so confident. The problem is that I am so confident in some ways and totally hurting in others. All the cute hair cuts, make up, etc is just a last ditch effort to try and cover what I have done to myself. I always said that if all you've got is a pretty face then you better make it even prettier. It is just a mask though. I don't feel beautiful, but getting better every day. One of my friends told me to get one of those shirts that says "I'm Fat, You're Ugly, at least I can lose weight"...the problem was that I never lost the weight. But, I am doing it now! Thanks for all your posts Kimberly, it means a lot to me. All the support has been great.

    And...BTW you are beautiful. Your face is not big and jowly. I can only dream of having a picture of my backside as my main picture on my blog. Haha. Too much junk in my trunk for that. Maybe some day! Love ya.