My Weight Loss Progress

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 13

205.2??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I packed my lunch every day! I didn't cheat, I put time in on the treadmill, I did the stairs! Why? It is so discouraging. I have been feeling so good and had lots of happy moments but when the scale doesn't move it is so upsetting. It is like I can't see a 1 as the first digit. I am stuck! I will not make excuses. Every season on the biggest loser I see contestants say that they lost inches and not pounds, well that may be true but when you are overweight the scale should move all the time. I really did try to give it a good effort. I still have not been good about my water though and it has been harder to find the time to work out now that I am back to work.

A good story that happened this week I have bought Levi Midrise Bootcut jeans for years. Size 16 regular. Well I had two pairs that I have pretty much worn out. A little over a year ago, I walked in the store bought the same exact jeans that I always have (knowing that they would fit) and got home. The next day I tried them on and seriously could not even get them over my hips. What happened? Did they change the sizing? I thought about taking them back but I was depressed and didn't understand why my other pairs still fit just fine. Well, they must of been stretched out. :) So a few days I was wearing my trusty jeans and I noticed that I was starting to get a hole in the thigh. Dang it! My favorite jeans; not jean shopping...please NO! I pulled out the pair that I had bought a year ago and they just slipped right on. AMAZING! They fit great and they are brand spanking new. Friday night, Trav wanted to go on a date so we went and saw the movie Inception. It was a good flick and I got to wear my new jeans.



  1. Cheryl, you are SO funny and you have such a way with words and you always make me laugh!!

    I really do think they changed the jean formula. I have been buying "low-rise boot-cut stretch" Levi Strauss and the new ones fit so much tighter and more different than the older ones. I wish they still made them like the old ones...they were so much better. I am struggling with my new ones I bought last year as well.

    YAY for you that you had some happiness this week of being able to slip into jeans you didn't think were going to fit and you got to enjoy a date with your sweetie!! WOOT!!

    (now if we could just change the jeans back to the old fit life would be much better for many more people out there!) wink!

    Hope your week is a happy and successful one!

  2. That's awesome - the jeans thing! It's soooo easy to get hung up on the number on the scale. But, didn't the jeans make up for it?! Feeling good about yourself in your new "old" jeans is fantastic, right?! =) Keep on truckin', girl!!