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Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Award

This picture was taken on our 10 year anniversary. I'll be posting a new one soon!

So it is that time again...time for July's blog award! This month the blog award goes to the man that I have spent the last 12 years being married to. In celebration of our anniversary and in appreciation of all his support the blog award goes to my wonderful husband Travis.

I really don't even know where to begin. Seems like we have been together forever. We have been through a lot. Our life has been a fun adventure. He has never failed me and never will. He is smart, determined, funny, kind, hard working and hard headed. My husband has never let me fall, and when I have tried he has carried me and held me up. I have watched him grow from a boy to a man, from an amazing husband to a wonderful father.

Travis loves our little growing family with all he has. The strength he brings to this family, his biggest success is his presence as a father and husband. The love my children have for their father, the joy and wonderment in their eyes- that is success. It is such a wonderful sound to listen to the laughter in our home. He has never been too busy to feed a baby, to run through the sprinklers, to put a bandaid on a boo boo. We are his priority. He always makes time to play hide and seek, to get up and dance, to read a book, to jump on the bed or to change a diaper. Yes he changes diapers! He is very helpful and this only reinforces how much he loves me.

Travis respects me as a women, as mother and as a wife. He has always been my biggest fan and shown me much admiration. Even through all my weight struggles; he never once acted like it mattered. His love was unconditional whether I weighed 117 (the amount I weighed when we met) or 252 (the amount I weighed when I delivered Reese). He has always made me feel beautiful no matter what size I was. I don't think a day has gone by that he hasn't given me some compliment.

I love him so much! He has my heart and I can't wait to grow old with him.

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  1. What a profound, awesome, wonderful tribute to Travis! Great post! Happy Anniversary!

    Love, Tracy