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Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Warrior

So today was Weekend Warrior and I went. By far the hardest work out that I have ever done in the past 10 years. I was tired after the warm up! So here is a very condensed version of how it worked.

We did a warm up of squats, lunges, stretches and then paired up with a partner and did football runs and touched the ground repeatedly. After the warm up there was 6 stations with two exercises each. We did each exercise vigorously for one minute, had 15 seconds to recover, did the next exercise...switched stations and repeated. We did all 6 stations twice. A lot of these exercises are not your typical things you see but I am going to try and give a summary of them the best I can. Mostly, just so I can remember.

1) Turn the bosu ball upside down flat side up (A bosu ball is half dome; ball on one side, flat on the other) then in a push up postion do mountain climbers back and forth (these are pretty much alternating lunges)...doesn't sound too bad but did I mention that we had these little gliders on our feet that resemble slippery paper plates.

2) Kneel on the bosu ball with the dome part up. Point your toes and do not allow them to touch the ground. Alternating dumbbell press with 8 Lbs in each arm.

3) With a light barbell lift it straight above your head with your arms straight. Squat down, while bending your torso and let one side of the barbell touch the floor right in front of your foot. Stand back up straight and do it to the other side. Alternate.

4) Put the same barbell on your shoulders behind your neck. Do a lunge back to knee lift, alternating sides.

5) On the floor slide side to side imitating a speed skater. Lunge your leg diagonally behind the other leg, touch the floor and slide to the other side. Repeat side to side.

6) Skiers. With your feet together squat down and jump side to side twisting your torso to imitate a downhill skier. (doesn't sound hard..but try it for one minute with out stopping)

7) Swimmers. Lay on your belly and imitate the breast stroke. Put a glider (the slippery plastic plate) in each hand and lift your shoulders off the ground at the end of each stroke. Make circles moving away from your body 8 times, the rotate directions and make the circles moving toward your body.

8) Frogs. These were impossible for me to do. It was the same as the swimmer but in a plank position with the gliders on your feet. I had to modify and do jack knifes with the gliders instead. Even this was almost impossible for me to do.

9) With cables or the rope pull down, using 35-40 Lbs, do rows by pulling the rope into your body around the belly button region.

10) Same as #9 but do high rows by pulling the row more into your chest region.

11) Using a step platform with two risers underneath, hold plank position for 10 seconds and do a push up, repeat 6 times. For the more advanced girls in my class they walked from corner to corner of the step with their hands while doing the plank and did a push up at each corner. (This again..was impossible for me)

12) Lay on the same step with your back down. Lift your pelvis off the step to be in the bridge position, squeeze your glutes. While doing this, do dumbbell flies with 10 pounds in each arm.

Now...repeat all of these stations again!

Then after all of this, feeling as though I need to barf...she says lets run to the park about a block away. At the park she had us run sprints from cone to cone, the cones were about 15 feet apart. We would run to the first cone and do 10 squats, run back to the beginning, run to second cone and do 10 lunges, back to the beginning, run to the 3rd cone and do alternating mountain climbers, back to the beginning and to the fourth cone. We finished the work out with a 4 minute lap around the park. The first minute was power-walking, second minute was jogging, third minute was running and fourth minute was sprinting. (I must say that my sprint and jog look pretty similar..haha).

Back to the gym, did some good stretching and got to go home. Pheewww. I am tired just writing this post. It was exhausting but I felt good at the end. A big thanks to my friend Olivia for joining me. She did great but I bet she is sore tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait to do weekend warrior with you! When is the next one?!