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Monday, September 6, 2010

No weigh in

Well, we had a great weekend. We drove up to Kentucky and visited Mammoth Cave. It is the largest cave in the world; so big that you would have to add the 2nd, 3rd and 4th largest caves together to get one the same size. It is over 350 miles. We only saw a small part of the cave but will look forward to going back when our kids are a little older and can navigate the hiking and stairs better. It was just fun to do something different. We stayed at a hotel and the both kids enjoyed the pool and hottub. Hudson loved staying in a hotel. We also enjoyed the National Corvette Museum. There is only one manufacturer plant in North America and it is in Bowling Green. They have a big museum with about 250 corvettes spanning the years from 1950-present. Hudson was in heaven. He is a typical boy and loves cars. He was running around the museum so excited.

So, about the weigh in. Well, since we were out of town there was no access to a scale. I am not going to weigh in this week, because I know I will be disappointed. Vacations are not good for diets. We snacked on the way there, ran thru fast food on the drive, indulged in Mexican food one night, etc. I know it was bad. So, I am going to be good this week and we will see if it pays off.

I have had a hard time tracking my points. This is my key to success. It is hard for me to find time blog every day so I think I am just going to text my points to my friend Jordan and ask her to hold me accountable daily. I know she wont have a problem doing this. I am not giving up. The past month has been hard but I knew it would be a slow process. I figure falling over hurdles and getting back up and on the plan over and over is better than just throwing in the towel. It really is discouraging though that you can work so hard all week and lose a pound and then indulge for one weekend and it all go down the tubes. I am running out of time though. Race for the Cure is in 8 weeks and my friends Tracy and Liz will be here in 4 weeks. I have got to stay on track.

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