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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I really try to limit my fast food but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. At least once a week I work until 5PM and then teach a CPR class in Knoxville (30 minute drive) at 6PM and I need to be there a little early to set up. This means either eat at fast food, pack my dinner or wait until 9PM to eat. I pack occasionally but usually I end up at fast food. I found this article to be some good tips for eating at fast food when you dont have any other options. The article gives you your 11 best fast food post option workout snacks under 200 calories.
Here is the intro:
Some protein bars can be more like candy bars, providing sugar and fillers rather than actual healthy nutrition. While a fast food restaurant may not be the best choice for a quick bite after your workout, these options are good. They provide protein, carbohydrates and, most of all, satisfaction for fewer calories than a Snickers bar.

The articles gives you some ideas for the following:
  • Best in-hand option
  • Best breakfast option
  • Best open 'till 2 a.m. option
  • Best drive-thru hand held
  • Best high protein option
  • Best filling sandwich option for early risers
  • Best sides as a snack option, plus a high-protein treat
  • Best protein splurge option
  • Best sweet treat option
So, when you are absolutely on the run...give these a try. I love Wendy's Chili and I can always enjoy a skinny Starbucks latte.

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  1. Guess that means the grande skinny has only 2 points? I always counted the tall as 2, but all along I could have been having more! Looking forward to seeing you!