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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shocking Food Industry Secrets

I read an article on yahoo yesterday and found it to be interesting so I thought I would share. Some of the article was no surprise and some of it was shocking. Feel free to read the entire article from the link but here are a few things I thought I would share:

1. The average American has easy access to 2,700 calories each day, versus just 2,200 in 1970. If 500 calories a day doesn't sound like much, consider: that’s 52 pounds a year.

2. The average American drinks 450 liquid calories a day. That’s twice as much as we consumed 30 years ago.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables cost 10 times more than junk food. A thousand calories of nutritious food cost $18.16, while a thousand calories of junk food cost a mere $1.76.

4. Your food can legally contain maggots and rat poop.

For more shocking secrets...check out the article


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