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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blog Award

Ok, so this picture is really old but it has a lot of significance. It was the last time that I weighed 185 about six years ago; so I still had to post it. This month's blog award is a dual award. It goes to my two nieces Shae and Ashley. I love these girls so much and have had so much fun watching them grow up. It is hard to believe that Shae will be having a baby soon and that little Ashley will be getting married next month. Seriously unbelievable to me. Here are some more recent pictures of them. I don't want Ashley to give me hell so I thought I better do an update. :) Aren't they beautiful?



They both have been great followers of my blog and send lots of encouraging words. Ashley makes sure to chat with me on facebook and send me texts while Shae gives me a phone call fairly often or texts too. I know that they both want me to succeed. When I met them they were both so young. Ashley was only about 4 and Shae was around 7 I think. I too was different. About 117 pounds and in great shape. As I had said in previous posts I had done cheerleading and dance in my past and the two girls thought this was incredibly cool. We instantly bonded, they were both flower girls in my wedding and they have been my little leaches ever since. Shae turned into a very successful cheerleader herself and Ashley an amazing dancer. Now I look at them and it reminds me of what I once was and how badly I want it back. They both are beautiful and in great shape.

I've done a lot with these two and have lots and lots of great memories. And I've had even more laughs and lots of secrets. When ever I used to come to town poor Travis always got booted from bed because me and the girls would have slumber parties. Now when I come to town it isn't quite the same since they are all grown up but they still always make it a priority for us to all spend some time together.

I love you guys! Good luck with all your exciting things that are soon to be happening in your future. Ashley, I know you will make the most beautiful bride & Shae I know you will be an amazing mom. Thanks for all the love and acceptance you both have given me. I appreciate all of your support! Love you more than you know and am so proud of you both. XOXO.

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  1. Thanks Cheryl love you and miss tons!