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Monday, February 14, 2011

Not quite...but will not quit

Darn it! I still have not made it to 179. I swear I have a mental barrier keeping me from getting there. I know I can do this! Last week was a really good week. I ate the right stuff, I exercised a lot and drank my water. I know it is going to pay off. We are headed to Nashville Saturday and I am making a promise to my friend Jordan that I am going to post that 179 on Saturday morning before we leave to go see her.

While I love the shred and I know it is transforming my body, this week I am back to the tried and true treadmill! I've got to burn these calories and even better maybe I should be doing both. I am also going to food journal every single bite! I have a bad habit of keeping track of my points in my head and calculating. I know that writing it down is such a big deal. I really need to do it. I am definitely going to go workout with Tammye tonight and maybe again on Wednesday. I can't Thursday (my regular day) because I have a CPR class.

I am not going to let this get me down. We are supposed to have a beautiful week with weather in the high 50s to 60s. I am going to be active, eat healthy and I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend (weighing 179). If the weather stays great, I have promised to take Hudson to the zoo on Friday. The weekend should be lots of fun. We are getting to see several friends and we are staying in a hotel with an indoor pool. Have I mentioned that my kids love to swim? So do I. If we had a pool I would be in it every day. I can't wait for all this warm weather so we can start spending some days at the lake.

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