My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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A tear came to my eye today when I got on the scale and saw 179. I don't think I have weighed that much since 1999. I spent the entire new millennium over 200; except for a short time 6 years ago. I'll post a new scale pic on Saturday. Today is a day to celebrate! I will be celebrating my getting my hair trimmed and just having a nice day. The weather is supposed to be above 65 or the next three days. Maybe another trip to the park is in store for us. This weekend we are going to Nashville and that will be a fun little reward trip. Tonight I am going to do my 20 minute cardio interval workout. Maybe I can convince someone to do it with me. Any takers??

Yippee! Guess I need to write 175 on my arm!


  1. Cheryl, you are truly amazing and what a wonderful accomplishment! I have been thinking about you lately as I came across a bag of Levi Strauss low rise/boot cut jeans that I had "stashed away" because I had finally found jeans that fit me and I didn't want to ever NOT have these jeans to wear. (I had four pairs stashed and Tracy told me that was a no-no and I needed to pull them all out and wear them for heck sakes).

    YUP, they totally changed the way they fit. I had 2 pairs from 2 years ago that fit the way they always fit and 2 pairs from a year ago and they were totally tight in the waist and shorter in the legs, even though they were all the same style/size.

    Anywho, I miss you and I love Facebook and blogging to keep in touch. LOVE seeing and hearing about all of the FUN you have as a family and love seeing and hearing about your accomplishments. Have a wonderful week!

  2. AWESOME!!! Congrats, Cheryl!!

  3. I knew you could do it! Put 175 on your arm, already! I am shooting for 133 by Boulder- 8 days to go!