My Weight Loss Progress

Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting There

Well, getting closer and closer to the goal. I must admit that I can now start to taste the finish line. The last couple weeks I have added some intense cardio to my workouts through zumba and dancing. What a fun way to burn calories! I could do it every day. However, the impact is bothering my ankles and knees a bit so I have been trying to ice them occasionally.

I borrowed a dress from a friend. It is from Anne Taylor, size 12. I will be wearing it during my trip to Chicago. Pics to come. I think the next 25 pounds are going to be really important. They are going to be when people really notice. Cause I'll be going from overweight to closer to a normal weight. Its kind of like fat is that different from more fat, fatter, fatest. I think people just look at you and think, "she's fat" but having a few extra pounds is different. Almost everyone has a few of those.

I have changed my goal to be a loss of 110 pounds. I want to weigh 142. That is a normal BMI for my height. Considered healthy, where 152 would still be considered overweight. I know I can do this!