My Weight Loss Progress

Saturday, March 5, 2011

80s Party Power Hour

Today was a power hour class at the gym. It was an 80s theme and we were encouraged to dress up. It was pretty fun and pretty hard. I am really loving my ladies and my trainer. I am totally addicted. When Travis used to get mad at me he would make comments about me needing to "get up and go do something" now when he gets mad at me he is like "hope you enjoyed your four sessions at the gym this week". Hee hee. I know he is supportive but sometimes I think it is hard for him to work and watch the kids frequently. Here is a picture of my outfit today. Don't I look like I just stepped off the cover of a Richard Simmons Video? I was really sad I didn't have any tube socks. I almost went to Walmart this morning to get some but decided I better not go inside looking like that. haha.
Right now though I have to just finish this goal. In the long run it is not only better for me but it is better for our whole family as I know I am also getting healthier and stronger through this journey. In todays class we did 1 minute of weights and then 1 minute of cardio drills and then 1 minute of rest, repeat. It is tough but I can totally tell that I am getting stronger and have more endurance. I still need to work on my running. I still kind of suck at that. I just don't love to run.

I rewarded myself for getting to 179 with the digital display that accompanies the bodybugg. I LOVE IT. It can be worn like a watch and gives you up to the second accuracy regarding the calories you've burned, steps you taken, minutes of activity, etc. Before, I had to plug it into the computer to see my results. Now I have them right then. Nothing like the satisfaction of NOW. It really helps to push me harder too. If I look down at the end of the day and I haven't met my burn then I go for walk or do an extra workout, etc. Hopefully it will continue to aid in the loss.


  1. so cute! lol

    And yay for your new bodybug accessory! That is awesome! (and well deserved!)

  2. I love that Tammye mixes it up and keeps things fun for everyone! I wish I could do 80's with you?