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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working Out

So I have promised a few pictures of my workouts. It is really hard to get good pictures though. I mean, we are all supposed to be working out and there aren't a lot of breaks. I tried to get Tammye to take a few though. This might just give you a few ideas of the things I am doing though.
Speed Skaters

Traveling Burpees

Weighted Rope Pull

One Armed Dumbell Press on Stability Ball with Pelvic Tilt

So for those of you that were wondering. This is what the torture looks like. However, I love it and I keep coming back from more. I'll try to take more pictures this week. I probably need to see if I can bring a friend with me just to take pictures.

I know that I still have a layer of fat that needs to go away but I also know that once it does there is strong, toned, in shape physique underneath. Someday....hopefully someday soon!

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