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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easy Exercises to do at Home: Part 3

Here are three moves that you can try at home:

1) Combat Pushups
They are not really a pushup because you lay on the floor in between but you lift up and do a knee to chest lift, lay flat, pushup and do a knee to chest lift with the other leg, lay flat, roll over and repeat. Try to do 10 total and to go as fast as you can.

2) 1 Leg lunge w/ dumbbell curls
Put one leg on an elevated surface and then squat lunge while doing dumbbell curls. Switch legs and do the other side. Try to do 15 on each side.

3) Jack Jumps
Do four jumping jacks, then do a squat jump while you do a squat jump with a one quarter turn, then do a squat jump with a half turn. Repeat. Do 5 on each side. (this video is cheesy..sorry. It also made me realize that I need a new sports bra, haha)

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