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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Year

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I can't lie...I am not happy with these pictures. Travis swears there is a big difference but I just don't see it. This was about a year ago and 40 pounds ago. I feel like I look almost exactly the same! I tried to mimic the same pose. They are different pants but the same shirt. Just in case you can't tell the pics on left are before, pics on right are after.

I have got to get this figured out. My pants are 2 sizes smaller my shirts are smaller but I just feel like I look the same!!! Diet...Diet...Diet. Why do I love to eat so much? I just love yummy food and it all has so many calories in it. Feeling discouraged right now.

I really didn't want to post these pics but I felt like I had to. Maybe this is just what I needed.


  1. Cheryl, you look awesome. Can I pick you apart for a second? Good, lets start with your midsection. You're much smaller and tighter than you were last year. Your posture is better. Your arms are smaller. Your ankles are smaller. Your butt is smaller and *higher*. Youre facial features are more defined. You may not be perfect (who is) but you have come a long way. Think not only of numbers and visual confirmation, but of changed lifestyle, as well as overall health. Do you sleep better? Breathe better? Didn't you recently mention buying shorts for this summer? That's huge! Don't get discouraged! You're an inspiration! You screw up, but you get back on the horse! Keep it up! Oh, and please keep posting those exercises for those of us that can't make it to the gym. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The more that I Iook at the pics (especially the side profiles) I am starting to see more of a difference. I do feel good. When I am at the gym I feel like an athlete but looking at these pics I got so discouraged. My overall health is better; I know that I am better all the way around I am just mad that I haven't lost what I have wanted to the past 3 months. I am proud of my accomplishments though and continue to celebrate my 80Lbs. Thanks for your words of encouragement Jesse.

  3. clearly you need your eyes checked. HUGE difference. xo maggie

  4. I agree with anonymous. Quite posssibly all of this over-exertion at the gym is causing eyesight weekness? You look uhh-mazing! Yeah, your cheekbones are showing, your neck has disappeared, and your shirt in the second after-pic is hanging straight down instead of being pushed tight. I can see a huge transformation. And I know it probably sounds lousy when you are discouraged, but it truly is the unseen things that make the biggest change- i.e. running up and down the hill with Hudson- priceless. J