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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding Dress

So last night we were in the basement about to watch a movie and while Trav was popping some popcorn I decided to go in the guest room closet and see if there was a light blanket in there. I am weird like that; I'd rather the house be a little on the cold side and get a blanket than to be too hot.

As I opened the closet door the very first thing that I saw was my wedding dress hanging up. I am not sure what got into me but I just decided to try it on and see how far I had to go. Since it was an a-line dress it slid right on but I have about 1-2 inches that need to be lost before it will zip all the way up. I think another 20 pounds and it should fit like a glove. I'll be sure to try it on and take a pic once it fits again.

I definitely was not skinny at my wedding. I think I weighed around 155. I had just gained about 30 pounds after my freshman year of college and after taking the depo-provera birth control shot for the past couple months. That thing was the devil! I gained weight as soon as I took it. It totally screwed with my head too. I was insecure, moody and cried at everything. I later went back to the doctor and they confirmed that all my hormone levels were totally screwed up and my endocrine system out of control. I quit taking it but I had gained 30 pounds in what literally seemed like 60 days.

I have since read about the effects that this has on some women. While most people only gain about 5 pounds there are several occurrences where women have gained a lot of weight. I also recently read a study that pointed out that women that gained weight from the Depo provera shot had a harder time getting it off. The feminists women's health group in Washington DC state that over 70% of women gain weight while using Depo as their form of birth control. This definitely is not the only reason that I gained all my weight but it DEFINITELY started the snow ball effect.

I can't believe that in July, Travis and I will have been married for 13 years. The funny thing is, Travis almost looks exactly the same as he did in this picture. Maybe I can lose the weight, put on the dress and we can recreate this picture. How funny would that be? I am hoping to be able to fit into that dress soon. I wish I could do it by our anniversary but I know that is unrealistic. I'll be keeping you posted. Maybe I need to put it in a place that I will see more often to remind me of my goal!

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