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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Discouraged

I am so discouraged. I gained two pounds. However I know that I shouldn't be discouraged I should be mad at myself because I have totally sabotaged my eating this last week. I have worked out hard on my days at the gym but have neglected my cardio interval training at home. We have had lots of family in town and been able to enjoy their company and enjoy some delicious meals together...and Dessert. We've had cake and raspberry bars, pasta and enchiladas....lots of chips. I love to entertain and make yummy food, however I don't do good with all the temptations. My neighbor brought us brownies the other day and I have not been sticking to my lower carbohydrate plan. I have been such a bad girl. Not sure why I do it. I know I am doing it as I eat the food but I just love delicious foods. I have such a sweet tooth.

It is also girl time here at my house so that could contribute a little to my gain too. I've got a workout tonight and I am excited about it. My camera on my phone is broke. I have a genius bar appt with apple today. As soon as I get it fixed I will begin posting some workout videos and pictures again.

Starting today I need a sponsor! I am recruiting Jordan and Tammye. They don't know it yet but I will be telling them what I have been eating every day. This is where I really need my accountability. I have found out that my body likes you to be at least 98% compliant with your diet, 95% is not good enough.

I can't believe we will be in Florida in just over two weeks. I have got to start making better decisions and habits! I am so excited to see Travis's parents and my friend Amanda but I am disappointed that I have not lost more weight. I went back and read through several of my blog posts and I can't believe how much weight I lost in the first 4 months and how little I have lost in the past 4 months. I know why I was successful, I followed my diet plan to a T and I logged. Why is it so hard for me to log these days. My philosophy was if you "bite it..write it", it was a good one and I know that I really need to do it again. I think I have been trying to set up too many goals. My new goal is to ONLY write my foods down.

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