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Saturday, May 21, 2011


There are two things that I have really enjoyed having. These are not essentials but definitely can make your life a little easier.

1) Splash Guard for Nalgene Bottle

This little contraption just fits snuggly in your nalgene bottle and it is amazing. I love drinking cold water and this makes it so the ice does not come and splash in your face. It also makes it easier to drink while exercising and running. It makes it so you don't drench yourself. However sometimes I like to drench myself. You can find these at outdoor store like Little River Outfitters, REI and Dicks. They are about $5.

2) Water bottle strap

There are pros and cons to this contraption. I don't like having anything on me while I am running but this isn't bad. It is pretty small and holds your water against your back while you run. It also has a small little pocket where you can put your ipod, phone, a few bucks, chap-stick and car keys. I get very thirsty while exercising so while I don't like having to wear this I do think it is much nicer than carrying your water bottle in hand or not having water at all. I bought this one at Dicks for about $15.

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