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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stand Up and Finish What You Started!!

Bob Harper is notorious for saying this phrase in several seasons of the Biggest Loser, it is even posted on the wall in the gym. I have had it on my list of things to blog about for sometime now. Tonight I watched last night's episode and it was the episode getting the teams down to the final four. They really focused on this concept of "stand up and finish what you started". It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. That is what I need to do. I just need to finish this thing. Quit toying around with it, just do it! I deserve so much more.

In the past I have always started off weight loss programs strong but never finished. I have not struggled with this in other areas of my life. Usually I see the finish line and I run as fast as I can. I worked hard to get promoted every two years with my job, I did my MBA in 18 months..... but with my weight loss it has always been something I couldn't finish. Well I'll be damned if I don't finish this time.

I know that the first 80 pounds has been so important for my health but I know that the last 30-40 is where the biggest transformation will be. It is not going from obese to overweight but from overweight to normal and healthy. I can't wait for that! I started today with a small flame and I just got a new spark of wind that blew on my fire and turned the heat up.

I will not give up! I will finish. I have no excuses. I know that I can do this. I have to do this. I am committing to working out harder, eating better and getting control of my life. That is the thing. I have control, I control my destiny. So many out there can't control their outcomes. I personally know so many people struggling with disease right now and it breaks my heart. I plan to do a blog post in their honor. Just last night my Great-Uncle Mike was in town and visiting. He struggles with diabetes. I have tried so hard to maintain a lower carb diet but can so easily give up and fail. However, my Uncle Mike can't. He has to watch the sugar content of everything because his life depends on it. He can't just cheat. So often we take life for granted. I can't do that any more. I was given a body that works and is able to do so much. It is time for me to take advantage of it.

I am on fire! Keep it burning.

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