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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eat my Shorts

I just had to name this post that. Anyone that grew up around the same time as me knows that this line was made famous by Bart Simpson and what better to name my post since it has the word "eat" and "shorts" in it.
This week I have bought two pairs of shorts and two dresses. It is so exciting. I literally have been in the prison of capris since they became popular again. Don't get me wrong, I love capris but we live in the South. It gets hot here. Growing up I lived in shorts but for the past 10 years I have literally worn shorts a handful of times and every time I wore them I hated it. I hated that they rode up in the thigh and I was always playing the game of pulling them down. Thankfully now bermuda shorts are popular so this problem isn't quite as likely. One time when I was at the mall I saw a lady and it looked like her butt ate her shorts. I actually took a pic of it with my phone cause it was that funny. She was even thin but her shorts were too tight and totally riding her crack bad!

We are headed to Florida in three weeks and I am so excited about getting to wear shorts and tennis shoes. Have you noticed that tennis shoes kind of look awkward with capris? They seem fine with pants and shorts though. I am headed to Disney and will be doing lots of walking so will definitely want my comfy running shoes. It was awesome to just go into the store and by them. I also bought a dress. For those of you that request pictures, here it is below. I love dresses and find them to be very comfy in the summer. I looking forward to lounging in some simple sun dresses this year.

This has been a whole new experience for me and I AM LOVING IT!


  1. TOTALLY know exactly what you mean. I bought shorts recently for the first time in....gosh, probably 10 years? I've been a capri girl all the way because it hid me better. Hiding no more! :) You look fantastic. Love that dress!

  2. Uh, that's the most flattering outfit I have ever seen you in! And... I thought you looked really great in your Ann Taylor dress, but this length is way more perfect for you. 'Cause we ain't tall! Okay, where's the shorts pic. I need a shorts pic with the flip flops, sunglasses, etc..