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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back on the Straight & Narrow

Today was a perfect day when it comes to being on track. I made very wise choices, ate several times so I didn't get hungry and burned about 500 calories at my zufu class. It is really easy to make good choices when you are at home and you are prepared. I went back and looked at what I did in the beginning of my journey when I was successful. I put these ideas back in place. Today I made 6 snack baggies of carrots and divided out my ranch dressing in some little baby food tupperware, I counted out my almonds and bagged them. Having quick snacks is so important.

I am thinking about going to the Weight Watcher meetings. Some of my friends have had great success with this and it might just give me the accountability I am looking for. I know the statistics are better for success when you attend.

Things I ate today
Coffee w/ cream
Strawberry Yogurt

Apple with 1 TBSP Peanut Butter
Cheese Stick

1 fajita size low carb tortilla
low sodium turkey lunch meat
laughing cow cheese wedge
spinach & roasted red peppers

1/8 C Raw almonds

Baked Asparagus

Sugar free jell-o

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