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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just another day

Today we are doing chores. Yesterday I did laundry and changed all our beds, today I need to vacuum and just pick up. We have been doing lots of home improvement projects and painting. We are getting our fence professionally sprayed but in order to save money we are pressure washing it ourselves. The other day Travis helped my grandpa install his new computer and in return my grandpa offered to come over with some hoses and his pressure washer and help Travis knock it out. It is a big fence and has to be washed inside and out. I will just watch the kids and make dinner for the guys. Tomorrow we are going to Splash Country as a reward.

I love Splash Country. It is so fun to watch your kids love something! Hudson loves playing in the wave pool, floating the lazy river and going on every slide that his height will allow. He is so brave and will go on just about anything. He has so much fun. It is only open until Labor Day so we are making good use of our pass going this week and next. I am going to pack a cooler filled with healthy snacks so that I can stay on track and save a nickel. It is a pretty good workout too. Almost all of the slides move strictly due to gravity which means that you have to climb stairs or a hill to get to the beginning.

My plan is to go workout tonight. I love Wednesday night workouts. It is the advanced group and while I wouldn't necessarily consider me advanced, I can hang and it is so motivating to be working with such a strong group of ladies. It is a 75-90 minute workout with weights and cardio. The men are starting to pressure wash until 2:30 though and workout is at 5:30; I know that they won't be done....maybe my neighbor can come watch the kids for a bit. Tomorrow night I have a CPR class. Life happens.

Yesterday I was at Walmart and I saw these really cute white pants for only $5. I love white pants and all of mine are WAY too big now. I went over to look for a size 12 and all they had were 8,10, 14, & 16. I tried on the 10s just too see how far I had. I pulled them on but boy were they tight. If I bent over, I'd probably rip them out. Guess what though?? I bought them anyway. In hopes that they will fit like a glove when I come to Boise. Give me a little extra motivation.

Goal for today....drink lots of water! I was good yesterday but didn't drink enough water.

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