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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Body Jam

Today I attended Body Jam for the first time. It was fun. I also attended a zumba class yesterday. I usually am pretty confident in these types of classes. I took 10 years of dance lessons and I usually can feel the beat pretty good. My hips don't lie. I can usually shake it pretty good. For the last year I have been attending a class like zumba-hip hop and I have loved it. However, there are no mirrors so you don't get to see how ridiculous you look. I always felt great, like one of the better dancers.

I'm not so sure anymore. After attending these past two classes and being surrounded my mirrors, I think that the above image is true. I still feel like I have rhythm but seeing my overweight body in the mirrors definitely is a confidence downer. The other gripe that I am having is that the instructors look at you like a mirror.

I talked to the instructor after class and she said that there have been studies shown that people remember the routines and get into the movements better if they watch the instructor as though they are watching them selves in the mirror. I am still not so sure. After years and years of watching an instructor from behind it is very confusing for me to try and do this. Especially when there are turns and stuff.

So while I am loving my freedom of being able to go to the gym whenever I want, I am missing Tammye's fun Zufu class without the mirrors and missing my regular girls. However, I will give props to today's instructor Jenny. She is an inspiration...she herself has lost 170 pounds. She was very motivating and good at her job. It will just take me a while to adjust.

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  1. I went to THE BEST zumba class today! I sweat almost as much as spin and it was fun- a packed class- which I agree with you is way more energetic and stimulating. Sounds like you really earned those 2.5 lbs!