My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mac Attack

So yesterday was a crazy day. I woke up a little later than normal since Hudson had preschool and left with Travis, I got to sleep till almost 8. I have two friends that also recently had babies and I had invited them over for a healthy lunch and to go walking in the neighborhood. My house was kind of a wreck so after waking up I hurried around picking up, gave the baby a bath and got myself ready. They were to be here at 11. I only ate a nutrigrain bar for breakfast as I was on the run. My friends came over, we had a great lunch and took a short walk. Travis called around 2PM and said that Hudson's preschool had called and that he had a fever and was not feeling well. He picked him up and brought him home. I got busy taking care of him and lost track of time. I had a CPR class to teach at 6PM in Knoxville (almost an hour away) and thought I would pick up a subway sandwich on my way for dinner.

I left late for my class then realized I forgot my wallet when I was about a mile from home and had to turn around to get it. Then while on my way, I got on auto pilot and took a wrong turn which also set me back about another 5 minutes. Nevertheless, I was running very late to my class. I hurried to my location and had no time to spare which meant I didn't get a chance to eat. Dang it. I taught my three hour class and surprisingly I wasn't hungry. I think it was the adrenaline pumping from trying to keep my class interested and entertained. By the time the class was over though, I was very hungry and I saw the golden arches on the way home. I had a Mac attack.

I knew that I had several points available for me to eat since I had practically ate nothing during the day. (I know, I know, it is bad). So I quickly pulled through and got myself a happy meal. I brought the toy home to Hudson and still stayed 2 points under my daily WW value. I definitely don't want to make this a habit but I am starting to think that it is all about portion control. The small hamburger and fry at McDonald's is not going to ruin me. Now, if I had the big mac and fry supersized that would of been VERY BAD. Looking back I wish I would of picked the apple slices in place of the fries but I forgot you could do that.

McDonalds now puts all of their nutritional information on the wrapper/box of your food. Next time you pull through and get your sandwich check out the calories. It is unbelievable. Even my small hamburger had 295, a quarter pounder with cheese has 500. It is amazing how the portions sizes have changed throughout time. Now you get more for less. It is like the food industry wants us all to be fat and obese.


  1. i hope you didn't go to bed 2 pts. under for the day! you have to at least eat the min. pts. to keep your metabolism going, right?!

  2. I know, I know...It is so hard. I am having difficulty eating all my points. I did make some snack baggies of almonds that I can eat to easily get 4 points if I am under. I hate to just eat before bed though, just because a number says I should.