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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 3

I am so happy to be reporting a loss. I thought for sure that it wouldn't happen. I really did step up my exercise this week in order to compensate. The other night while watching Biggest Loser on the treadmill, Jillian said "run 5 minutes" I did. It about killed me. I had to talk my way through it. I kept saying, "you can do it", "1 more minute", "keep going". Thankfully, no one could hear me. haha.

This week I am going to focus on drinking my water and eating all my points. I automatically go into dieters mentality and don't eat enough. I know that this will hurt me in the long run because your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto everything. I am also trying to eat a more substantial breakfast and to eat it a little earlier in the morning.

2.1 pounds this week! So happy to be in the teens. 200 here I come! Yippee!

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  1. i knew you would have a loss- i think it's cause i suggested that you reinvent your exercise goal!