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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pumping Iron

I would really like to start incorporating some upper body weight training into my workouts. My arms are so flabby they look like wings (I can honestly flap is disgusting) and my breasts look droopy and deflated. My cousin once told me that she thought her boobs looked like the cover of playboy, then she had a baby and now they look like the cover of national geographic. I can relate.

My grandma recently gave us a weight bench with a barbell and several different weights that can be added to it. We also have a pretty good variety of dumbbells. Now I am thinking about adding just a quick 15 minutes of some lifting to work out chest, shoulders and arms.

Sometimes I think it is weird how we can have so much knowledge and not apply it. I have read at least 20 books on losing weight and nutrition, my degree is in health science which required me to take nutrition classes, and my husband has worked in the supplement industry for over 10 years. My very first job I was a certified aerobics instructor. Actually for years, when we lived in Boise we worked out at Gold's Gym and I was inundated with information about bodybuilding and weight lifting. I totally know how to do it. I know what I should eat and how to make my body into a calorie burning machine. I actually think I could write a book on it and teach other people proper techniques for exercise. So why is it sometimes so hard to do it myself?

I'm already trying to figure out a game plan for when I return to work. Some of the challenges I will face when I go back: eating breakfast, packing a lunch and still finding time to exercise. I'll take any suggestions.

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