My Weight Loss Progress

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Should I tell the world??

So those of you that are reading my blog are a privileged group as I have not told very many people. Everyday I get more confident though and tell someone else. There are probably about 20 people that now know about it. The reason for not telling everyone (i.e. linking to others blogs, Facebook, etc) has been because I am embarrassed. My blog is very honest and it has pictures of that damn scale. I didn't want anyone to know the numbers on the scale.

The other day I was talking to a friend and she said, "Cheryl, who cares what the number is on the scale and if they know how much it is. They have seen you, they know what you looked liked, so does it really matter if they know the number?" After pondering this I am starting to think that it doesn't matter, especially for those that have seen me. Now, I am not about to link it up to Facebook yet because there are several people on Facebook that havent seen me in 10 years but I am considering telling more people, like family and friends.

A few people have said that the more people that know, the more accountable I will be. That will probably be true so maybe I should let others in on the journey. I am scared to do it though. I am scared to be judged or to have people talk about me. That is why I picked who I picked at first. And while I would hope that none of my friends and family would be like that, we know that there will be a few that are. However, most of everyone that I have told so far, just seems to be supportive and it is nice to have a following and the support. It really does keep me going.

I will decide soon. Maybe I will tell more people once I reach 199. That doesn't sound quite as glutenous as 252. Arrggh. :(


  1. I just recently leaked a tiny bit to Mark. He doesn't know the numbers or about the blog. I just told him that you have been loosing a bunch of weight. He thinks that is cool and wants to know how your doing it. I think he is looking for some ideas, cuz he wants to loose some too. Can I show him the blog??? I like your friend's thinking. You are doing awesome BTW. Oprah just said "Your weight is your invitation for you to live your best life"

  2. You need to be proud of the fact that you are taking such a bold step. It takes a lot of courage for you to put it all out there like this- no shame, no blame- and I still think you need to tell a bunch more people so you can increase your number of cheerleaders!