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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Challenge

So Ashley Johnston was on biggest loser and she lives here in Knoxville. She is coming to the hospital for a speaking event and I am planning to come. So I have always said that I wanted a "Jillian Michaels" style workout; well I might of just put my foot in my mouth because this might just kill me. About a year ago I taught CPR for some physical therapists at a place called D1. It was a big training facility and I could see them working out in a big indoor football field. They did some exercises you don't routinely see in the gym but that you do see on the biggest loser (i.e. platform jumping, kettle bells, push ups, etc). Anyway, I thought that a workout bootcamp might be fun.

Well, I noticed that Ashley is having an event there next Saturday. It is free and I already pre-registered. I can't lie that I am a little bit scared, as I know it is going to be an ass whooping. Check out the info here. Any Knoxvillians want to join me? Lets do it!

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