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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Over, Over, Over

OOPs. I went over today by 10 points! Arrggh. Let me just tell you how easy this is to do. Travis opened up a bag of Doritos while I was making dinner, 20 chips (5 points). Made cookies today with Hudson (only 2 points each) but ate one two many (2 points), Hudson wanted some fruit snacks this afternoon, sounded good, (2 more points). Since it was my day off I had an extra cup of coffee, the fat free coffee creamer (2 points).

Well, that just shows you how you can easily mess up! I guess I'll have to burn some points off now. Too bad that it is 10PM already. Probably won't be working out tonight. Had my workout clothes on since 8:30 but things came up. Not a good excuse but when your 4 month old needs you and hubby is with the two year old, something has to give. Looks like a 90 minute workout for me tomorrow.

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