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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weight Watcher results: Week 14

Well, the plateau is broken; one pound lost. Not what I was hoping for but happy to see the scale go down. I worked out on the treadmill 3x this week as well as did the stairs at work. I did good on my eating but yesterday I practically ate a half a watermelon. It was so good. I got a garden sweet one and I just kept putting the bites in my mouth.

I am just so proud that this is week 14 and I am still having results. It is about time to renew my Weight Watchers membership as I had paid for 3 months. I will be renewing it as I feel like I still need the tools to keep me going. This is definitely feeling more like a lifestyle and less like a diet. Maybe that is why the weight loss has slowed down. I still need it to be a diet until I reach my goal. Staying perfect on my points. This week, I am going to post my points for each day of the week. I am supposed to eat 27 points based on my weight but I know that my scale is about 4 pounds heavy so I am going to try and eat 26 each day (which is the amount for 199). I am only setting one goal this week. To only eat 26 points per day and to tell my blog followers how many I ate!

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